Simple & Sustainable energy solutions


About us

S2ENSO is a young and dynamic company driven by two enthousiast engineers with a phd. S2ENSO started to answer the many questions which reached us about energy-related challenges. The yearlong experience and expertise we gained well within the academic world as the industry, gives a unique view.


The four following values form the core in our company are taken into account with each assignment we do:


  • Sustainability

The only solution that is also the good one on the long term, is a sustainable solution. Sustainablity is crucial for a solution on the long term. Also in the relationship we built with our client, our colleagues sustainability remains the key value.

  • Simplicity

Less is more. We do not want to complicate things if it is no needed.

  • Cost effectiveness

Efficiency is key. Our organisation works efficiently and cost effective, as well as the solutions we offer our clients.

  • Innovation

Innovating is the way to stay ahead of your competitor and innovation is where we excel.




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